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Houghton on the Hill C of E Primary School

"I have come that they may have life and have it to the full" John 10:10


The governors and staff at Houghton School are proud of the high standard of behaviour from most pupils in our school and their care and respect for people and property. We believe that good behaviour stems from good self-esteem and consistent expectations, leading to self-discipline, independence and development of citizenship.

As a staff we will always:

  • Set positive behaviour examples for children;
  • Ensure classroom routines and activities allow for positive and appropriate behaviours;
  • Take a shared responsibility for children’s behaviour throughout the school;
  • Ensure consistency in the application of rules and in use of sanctions and rewards;
  • Make behaviour expectations clear to children;
  • Create colourful, welcoming classroom environments which celebrate the contribution of each child;
  • Inform parents as early as possible of any changes in their child’s behaviour;
  • Allow children a ‘fresh start’ for each new day, except where a behaviour modification programme is in place, or where it has not been possible to implement sanctions on the previous day.

Children are expected and encouraged to:

  • Take responsibility for their own behaviours;
  • Participate in whole-school activities to promote a feeling of belonging;
  • Behave in a calm, respectful and appropriate manner;
  • Develop a growing awareness of the right of respect from and towards other individuals;
  • Develop their understanding of the right for respect of property, their own, that of others in their class, and property shared by the school community;
  • Show awareness of others in the way they move and interact in the school.

School Rules

  • The children have agreed on the following rules for all members of the school community:
  • Follow adult instructions the first time.
  • Use only kind words and actions.
  • Keep the school tidy and look after all property.
  • Show respect to everyone.
  • Always try your best.


We will always reward children for good behaviour, including:

  • Verbal praise;
  • Stickers;
  • House Points;
  • Marble Jars for whole class ‘Golden Time’ reward
  • Visit to the Headteacher;
  • ‘Special Board’ – mentioned in celebration assembly;
  • Note home, or conversation with parents;
  • Additional responsibility and/or privileges.


  • Pupils will always be given the opportunity to modify their behaviour before sanctions are given, often by being reminded of the rule or of a more appropriate behaviour. The following is the agreed hierarchy of sanctions used by all staff:
  • Verbal warning given;
  • ‘Think Card’ – pupil given time way from the group to reflect on their actions;
  • Loss of Break Time – in blocks of five minutes;
  • Verbal warning from headteacher/assistant head;
  • Removal of pupil from classroom;
  • Letter home to parents;
  • Meeting with parents.

Where behaviour is severe (serious swearing/violence/stealing/racism/bullying or repeatedly using the same inappropriate behaviour) staff reserve the right to ‘drop down’ to a lower sanction, with notification to the Headteacher, and ensuring the child (and parent where applicable) understand the reasons why. Persistent serious or disruptive behaviour may result in a behaviour modification plan being implemented in consultation with parents.

Further sanctions are available in extreme cases, including lunchtime, short-term or permanent exclusion.

Golden Time

Each class will have the opportunity to fill a marble jar (or similar idea) as a reward over time for good behaviour and compliance with school rules. Once this jar is full, the class will agree with the teacher an appropriate reward to enjoy together.

Statement on Anti-Bullying

At Houghton Primary School we believe that any type of bullying is unacceptable.

What is Bullying?

  • We identify it as when any of the following happens repeatedly to the same person so that the person becomes unhappy and frightened.
  • Name calling
  • Spreading nasty stories about a person
  • Leaving the person out of the group
  • Threatening and frightening the person
  • Taking and interfering with the person’s belongings
  • Hitting, kicking or other unwelcome physical contact.

How can we prevent Bullying?

  • We can all help
  • We must remember everyone in our school is as important as everyone else
  • We should talk to someone if we are bullied, or if we bully someone else
  • We should always play where adults are supervising
  • We should never take a bully’s side against others
  • We should know the school rules
  • We should report any bullying we know about.

What will we do if Bullying happens?

  • We will always take allegations of bullying seriously
  • We will always listen to the views of all involved parties, and seek independent witnesses.
  • We will inform parents, of both bully and victim, if there is a persistent problem.
  • We will impose sanctions, appropriate to the age and seriousness of the bullying. These may include: a written apology, recorded in child’s records, formal parents contact, loss of break time or privileges, temporary exclusion.
  • We will support victims through Circle Time activities and peer support.